About The Atheist

I was once a strong believer and follower of Christianity. I made excuses for the hypocrisy, I accepted that I should follow without question, but I almost always wondered about it. The idea of religion just seems a little far-fetched. I spent years as an agnostic, sitting on the fence between belief and disbelief, and recently I finally decided that I needed to pick a side and go with it. I did so many hours of research between my religion and others, and realized that I didn’t believe in any of it.

What do I believe? I believe that religion is used to control large populations of people. I believe that I was a Christian by chance (where I was born) and not divine purpose. I believe that religion holds science back. I also believe that churches should pay taxes on their income and that tax income should be funneled into real science. I know that life has meaning and purpose and those things are created by the people living within it. I know that some religions are almost cult-like, and there is a fine line between a cult and a “strong body of believers”, and sometimes that line is blurry. I know that “faith” is an idea touted by institutions that need you to give them money in exchange for a future that you can’t confirm or deny.

My blog is my story. It’s my chance to share some of my views and experiences as a new atheist with the world in a safe way. I cannot fairly represent myself on facebook or twitter because practically everyone I know is devoutly Christian. I no longer represent myself as Christian… I just do not represent myself at all on there. This blog is my sanctuary and my community.

If you have any questions about my change into atheism, feel free to leave a comment. Just don’t personally attack me and I won’t attack you. Do note that my blog entries are attacks on religion and groups of people, not individuals. So do not get on your high horse and judge me. If you want a civil conversation, we can talk. I look forward to it.


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